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Ashley Burkart has 6 years of sound experience working in the film and gaming industry. Starting her professional gaming career at Naughty Dog as a QA tester, she was able to gain knowledge on how all parts of gaming came together. Within four months of her hire date, Ashley rose to the position of Lead Audio QA before transition into the audio department as a Sound Implementer after 1.5 years. Her contributions can be found in titles such as “The Last of Us Part 1,” along with an unannounced single player title, as well as an unannounced multiplayer title. 


Educated at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Ashley holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Business Entrepreneurship and Technology, complemented by a minor in film and video. During her time there, she participated in various ensembles, including Rumble, a bucket drumming ensemble, and played bass in a jazz ensemble called Rhythm Ensemble. Ashley also contributed as a pit musician in theatrical productions at the school. This diverse background in music shapes her creative approach to sound design. 



Subsequently, Ashley founded a film collective alongside fellow UArts graduates, providing resources for short film creation to those living in Philadelphia. In this role, she oversaw all sound processes and helped make creative sound decisions. The collective's work gained recognition by PhillyCam, who helped get films onto Philadelphia's public network channels. Some films later went to festivals and received awards. After four years, Ashley transitioned her focus to the gaming industry.


With a deep commitment to the craft of sound design and a passion for creating immersive audio experiences, Ashley Burkart continues to grow and shape the landscape of game audio. Her proficiency in maneuvering through proprietary tools, combined with expertise in game audio integration and technical sound design, paves the way for innovation in the gaming world. Explore Ashley's portfolio to discover her work.


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